Familangues aims to promote plurilingualism and intercultural exchange in literary and artistic practice, through a variety of tools and creative, fun workshops.

Our Values

Familangues is a non-profit organization which aims to promote plurilingualism and intercultural exchange through cultural, culinary and language workshops, primarily designed for children. Here, we want to support parents in passing on their mother tongue to their children, and we care to provide a safe space where they can interact with other kids who speak their language. We value all languages equally and are committed to supporting each and everyone’s individual identities and cultural roots. We’ve also established a safe space for our members, where sharing, diversity and inclusivity thrive.

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At Familangues, we happily celebrate the language and culture of each and every individual, as we proudly embrace diversity.


We encourage our members to talk and share in their native languages during our get-togethers, whether it’s the children or the parents.


We take pride in working with caring volunteers and helping families that come from various cultural, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds.

Our Activities

éveil aux langues
Language awareness

Every week, we organize language awareness workshops. Children play games, do crafts, read and listen to stories in their chosen language.

cours de cuisine coréenne familangues
Korean cooking classes

In collaboration with our partner “StrasCorée”, we offer parent members the chance to spend some quality time learning tasty Korean recipes. 

Parent tea-time

We often organize parent tea-time as a way to connect with other parents and discuss plurilingualism and how to raise multilingual children.

bibliolangue familangues
Lingualibrary ​

Do your children like to read? We have a library of books written in various languages. They can read them on the spot, or borrow them to take home!


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