Our values and commitments

At Familangues, our aim is to promote and recognize the value of each language through our workshops. We want to offer children a space where they can feel free, heard and understood. We are also committed to supporting parents in passing on their language to their children, and offering them a space for discussion where solidarity and benevolence prevail. 

All our workshops and events are based on the principle of sharing. They are moments of conviviality during which we encourage participants to share their culture and language. What’s more, we attach great importance to inclusivity, so that everyone feels respected and valued, whatever their origin, language or culture. Last but not least, at Familangues, diversity is the watchword, as we welcome people from all walks of life, whether they are volunteers or members! In short, we strive to provide all our members with the tools they need to gain confidence, assert their identity and express their culture.

Diversity is crucial to children’s development, fostering open-mindedness, cultural understanding and tolerance from an early age. By introducing them to different languages and cultures, Familangues helps strengthen their ability to live in harmony with others in our ever-changing and diverse world.

Inclusivity is essential to children’s development, as it establishes an environment where everyone feels accepted, respected and valued. At Familangues, we help build a strong foundation of self-esteem, mutual understanding and cooperation, creating accepting, well-rounded individuals.

Sharing is fundamental to children’s development. By encouraging the sharing of mother tongues and cultures amougnst different communities, we create a nurturing environment where children develop social skills, open-mindedness and an early appreciation for linguistic and cultural diversity.

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