Founded in 2014 by a group of mothers led by former president Anna Forgue, Familangues aims to provide families, who may not be fluent in French, a space where their children can express themselves in their native language without the fear of discrimination. Currently chaired by Christine Charlois, the association is run by committed volunteers. 

Our team members, who come from all around the world, run workshops in languages they master perfectly, allowing children to learn in optimal conditions while having fun at the same time. The workshops we offer vary from year to year depending on member participation. So far, we’ve given multilingual classes in English, Spanish, Arabic, Lithuanian, Turkish and Korean. We also organize tea parties and other festive events all throughout the year.

Our team

christine charlois
Christine Charlois, president
Danika Domas, secretary and workshop leader
bernard le mellec
Bernard Le Mellec, treasurer
Elizabeth Regnault, social media manager
Magda Zea O’Phelan
Magda Zea O’Phelan, spanish workshop leader
Biruté Abeciunaite, lithuanian workshop leader
Pierre Will, French teacher
Achille Gwem, bénévole animateur atelier théâtre
Achille Gwem, theatre workshop leader
gulce benevole
Gülce Yetişmiş, workshop assistant
Iris Oh
Iris Oh, korean cooking class teacher
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