Language Awareness Classes

Tools for our language awareness classes

boite a histoire familangues

Kamishibai, also known as “paper play” is a form of traditional Japanese street theatre used to tell stories to children in a dynamic, playful way.  It works by sliding illustrated boards through a wooden frame, gradually revealing the plot of a tale

This fun storytelling tool is particularly popular with children. We use it in our language awareness classes to tell stories in different languages, involving the children in translating certain words into their native tongue. The workshop takes place in an atmosphere of sharing and appreciation.

We also use story boxes. They work by using objects created by the children during our arts and craft sessions to tell a tale. Each object embodies a certain part of the plot and are gradually taken out of the box as the story gets told. Story boxes bring the tales to life thereby helping children learn new words using visual storytelling.

Korean cooking classes

Parent tea-time

Our LinguaLibrary

bibliolangues livres

Our LinguaLibrary, or multilingual library, is packed full of books in over twenty different languages, we even have dual-language works. Children are free to borrow them at any time or read them on site, as long as their family has a Familangues membership.

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